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Worlds are growing together: IT is the “turntable” of electrical engineering. All the time, data is being exchanged and different systems are connected through networks. Bus systems used in building technology, such as EIB/KNX, LON, MBUS, or LCB, have to be connected with visualization and/or archiving systems for communication purposes; in industrial and environmental engineering it is necessary to combine different industrial bus systems, such as Profibus, Melsecnet, or MODBUS, into one network for signal exchange with superordinate systems and for visualization purposes.

Part of the challenge is to allow for growing demands. Security, speed, flexibility, and availability are the key requirements. What many consider to be an enormous effort is actually normal for us. Because we plan, implement, expand, and supervise homogeneous and heterogeneous network structures – sometimes through remote access.

The typical customer assignments are implementations of remote connections via VPN or network conversions to PoE (for the power supply of network equipment such as video surveillance systems, telephones, etc.). However, we also handle the complete planning, installation, training and maintenance of client-server-systems with defined interfaces to foreign systems (cashier systems, time recording systems, etc.)

What do we offer? A well thought out IT architecture, a well-adjusted safety concept, and a reliable backup system. Ask us – and let the future begin!

  • Delivery and installation of complete networks incl. structured cabling (Cat. 6, Cat. 7, optical fiber, etc.)
  • Cat. measuring and recording
  • Remote systems
  • Branch systems
  • Internet solutions
  • Intranet solutions
  • Data telecommunications
  • Backup solutions
  • Selected hardware and software
  • Maintenance and Service
  • Mobile data devices
  • Email Systems
  • Voice-over IP (VoIP)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Video servers
  • Green IT

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