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Willich Elektrotechnik GmbH was founded on June 1, 1985 by Uwe Willich as a one man enterprise in Breitenbach near Bebra, Germany. The growing company soon ran out of space and moved to larger premises in Breitenbach with a team of 10 employees.

In 1990, the well-filled order books made it necessary to move again, this time to Max-Planck-Str. 1 in Bebra. On an area of approx. 5,000 m², the number of employees grew to approx. 65 people.

In 2008, the company made yet another move to the current site at Kerschensteinerstrasse 15 in Bebra. Currently, approx. 120 employees work on the premises that feature approx. 7,000 m².


Industry: Electrical Engineering
Scope: Automation technology, building automation, IT, production technology, environmental technology for commercial, public, and private clients
Legal form: Limited liability company (GmbH) since 1990
State: Hesse
Ownership structure: The company is owned exclusively by the general manager, Uwe Willich
Established: 1985 as a one man enterprise
Catching: 120
Results: Positive




Our usual radius is approx. 160 km around the city of Bebra. However, depending on the project, we are available for our clients in Germany, Europe, or anywhere in the world, wherever our services are needed. We also offer on-site commissioning, supervision of installation and implementation as well as service calls.

From the very beginning, state-of-the-art technology was the company’s strategic orientation. During the start-up phase, conventional electrical services were provided. With the objective of developing market segments not accessible during the start-up phase, the company put a major focus on further development and training.

That included a clear strategic orientation based on the technical know-how of Mr. Willich. Through this know-how it was later possible to access the business divisions industry, environmental technology, and government authorities.

During this fast development, above-average technical know-how was gathered. This way, it was possible to solidify the existing business divisions and also add new ones to the portfolio.

Apart from the extensive building automation technology, the company offers services in the fields of environmental technology, especially water supply and disposal. A specialty is the integral handling.

Another focus is put on the range of services (outsourcing, switch cabinet manufacturing, maintenance, energy optimization, repairs, etc.) for industry clients.

Thanks to a cooperation agreement with a renowned PLC manufacturer, the company is now a distribution partner for PLCs, operating terminals and frequency converters, etc.

In the field of IT the company develops and implements specific solutions, such as intranet, MDC systems, LAN, WAN, etc. for commercial, municipal, government, and industry clients.


It all starts with an idea

Following this motto, Willich Elektrotechnik GmbH has been run since its foundation in 1985, in a future-oriented way and constantly adapting to the changing market situation.

For Willich Elektrotechnik GmbH, innovation means: Development of idea potential and creativity. We are constantly looking for new idea potential. What makes this company special is the fact that we adapt our services and internal processes at least as fast as the market and competition requirements change.

This way, we are not trying to catch up but are rather among the first ones to take advantage of these changes and to use them to benefit our clients.


The company offers integrated system solutions and has a continuous supply of new orders. There are cooperation agreements with several larger corporations. The market for this scope of activities is rather diversified and there are only a few companies offering a similar concept. The main target groups are municipalities, industrial, and commercial companies.

Aspired market position
In the short and medium term, the company wants to further expand its market position and wants to become one of the leading companies. With the help of government subsidies in the field of environmental technology, the company is striving to expand in this field, and in the medium term wants to double its turnover. The same applies to the field of industry services.

Company strengths
Due to the achieved market position, the acquired know-how and the young and highly motivated team of employees, the company is absolutely competitive.

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